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Cavioni Rossella Giovanna

Born in Milan, she inherited the artistic vein from her father who painted oil paintings and she decided to dedicate herself to drawing and fashion by attending a five-year-old designer school.

She gets the certificate and the diploma as a fashion designer in 1990 at the Professional Institute for Commercial Services and Advertising "Kandiski" in Milan.

She starts as an apprentice in the show rooms in via Montenapoleone in Milan, where she dedicates herself to modelling and production.

She teaches specialized modeling for wedding dresses and fabrics at the Ripamonti Institute in Como.

The focus on evening and wedding dresses leads her to the search for experience in this sector and begins to work for Annamaria Casale in via Manzoni in Milan and the she starts working at one of the most famous brands in the fashion bride world, Roveda, alwais in Milan.

Determined to continue in the bridal sector, she works for Rovelli's atelier in Corso Garibaldi as a sales manager and then begun to prepare her own collections.

In 1994 she decided to open her first atelier: tailored wedding, evening and ceremony dresses that over the years have been recognized for their particular cutting and especially the choice of fabrics and colors.

She is part of the Master Tailors of Milan and has been presenting the collection at the homonymous defilè for 14 years now, and is awarded by the Academy of the Master tailors of Italy.

She as a great experience and know and having knowledge in Wedding sector, she holds courses and updates of Wedding Planner with the Union Artisan; she organizes fashion shows and is present as a stylist during photos shooting.

La disegnatrice e stilista Cavioni Rossella


A small atelier a stone's throw from Porta Romana in Milan, in via Crema, 20 where the first thing you notice is the choice of colors and wonderful fabrics. In this small world, the stylist offers her thirty years of experience to understand the client's needs, both for the bride, for the evening and for other styles. Passion in the choice of fabrics and details. In the atelier you have the opportunity to try clothes and find what your style is and create a tailor-made dress of your dreams. Vintage dresses 40 50 60.

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