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The rules of bon ton for a perfect wedding

The course

A special dress for a special day

  • Choosing the most suitable dress and the bouquet 

  • Advice on the style and type of dress suitable for your personality

  • Basic posture tests  e walking with correct posture

  • Advice on posture with the ceremony dress:

    • departure from home

    • get out of the car

    • entrance to the church

    • go up and down the stairs

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Photographic pose

  • Photographic pose, tips and advice for a good result

  • The best way to achieve spontaneity  is by learning to pose in front of the camera lens

  • Know your more photogenic side and your personal characteristics

  • Tips and portrait photography e  full figure to acquire more spontaneity


Small personal care tips

  • Feminine aesthetics with image consultancy on make-up and hairstyle suitable for the dress

  • Male aesthetics with image consultancy 

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Participations and invitations

  • Formalities and suggestions, how and what to write

  • How to respond, how to thank


 The ceremony, important not to forget anything

  • The witnesses: who to choose?

  • Flowers, colors, scents ...

  • Music, when and where ...

  • Wedding list...

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