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  • Why choose Cavioni Milano?
    First of all for the style and cut. Cavioni Milano has been a brand for over 30 years that has built its reputation on originality, based on bespoke tailoring, top quality materials and stylistic research. Wedding dresses and evening dresses handmade in the tailor's shop, followed and modeled on trial in the atelier to be tailor-made and unique. The tailor-made tailoring is able to create a line chosen by the bride also through ideas of various images after an accurate drawing.
  • When should I make an appointment?
    To choose your wedding dress you need to be followed by the designer Rossella Cavioni and it is better to make an appointment. We recommend at least 5 months in advance if not earlier if the wedding is during the spring or summer period.
  • Does the trial for choosing the wedding dress cost?
    It is one of the most asked questions (FAQ). The tests are free and it is advisable if you do not have a precise enough idea to try on the basic lines first, and then pay more attention to the chosen line both for the fabric, lace , necklines, volumes and trains.
  • If I live far away, what can I do?
    You can choose the line of a wedding dress through the online catalog, take the measurements as described and choose the fabrics and any changes. Customers are facilitated with a delivery service.
  • Who should I come with to choose the wedding dress?
    Better not for many, as many tastes can confuse and not help. We recommend a couple of trusted people and invite the others during the tailoring tests where they can advise you in details such as the hairstyle, the shoes and other suitable for the chosen wedding dress.
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