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Psychology of the bride

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

The bride? How do you behave when organizing a wedding? How should one interact with the bride? And when is it in crisis? Or when it seems that the head is there and instead it is not present? I'll briefly explain the psychological case when the female role becomes that of the bride: ... a lot of understanding and patience, but above all a lot of reassurance! Why this? Simply because she is facing one of the best days of her life without knowing what it will be like.

Those who have been through it know as well as for all the rest of the events that in the end it was not so difficult, but here a lot of emotion is at stake and it is normal that doubts can increase on each choice. They often come to me for the choice of the dress in panic because in reality they cannot understand what is best for them!

My thirty years of experience has led me to play down situations and perhaps even a little for my character, I always recommend living the wedding day to the full even though something can go wrong. Let me give you an example: ... what if it rains? You do not center anything and there is no need to dramatize.

Life must also be faced with a bit of play, especially when there are happy events such as marriage. My advice is often to do everything to organize your wedding! But if negative events arise, we must not face them heavily, but with a smile

You will see that the dress of your dreams will be sewn on you naturally dictated by all this. Obviously do not forget about those close to you, including witnesses and if you miss a few tears or an unconditional smile from the event, do not worry that it is part of all these new emotions that you will always remember with beautiful smiles in the future!!

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