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A tailored wedding dress, unique in everything!

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Every bride should have the experience of a bespoke traditional tailoring suit and for any particular occasion you should think about turning to an atelier where a unique dress is made for her and that speaks about her and her style. To do this, brides who wish to be unique and themselves must set out in search of a tailoring atelier. The stylist who follows you from the design to the dress rehearsal, will send you confidence to stay calm and will try to understand you fully and also advise you for the rest of the wedding as accessories and more.

Choosing an atelier with tailoring is that extra touch where you can find the collections with which you can customize the choices for your dress starting from the fabrics and cuts. The style of a traditional tailoring, models on the figure of the bride or of those who want a tailor-made dress to make it unique, but above all loves personal.

My pleasure and my emotion is to add experience and competence. A stylistic consultancy that accompanies the bride until the wedding day. I also want to add that over the years I have happened to follow the bride from the dressing to the entrance to the church or the beginning of the ceremony and the satisfaction of living my dream come true with her. Atelier translated into French means laboratory, and it is here that added values ​​are offered through tailoring. You are pleased to see the dress of your dreams born and immediately feel yours. Change it and live this experience even with those closest to you.

In these years of experience with my brides, that moment has never stopped when the heart, hands and imagination have managed to sew what machines will never be able to replicate. There are also testimonies where they received this passion. If you too want to live this experience out of a time that is now always in a hurry, you can ask me for information or make an appointment to enter this magical world.


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