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A personal stylist who has been creating wedding dress

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Don't forget that the bridal look must be in perfect harmony with all the accessories you choose to add, feel free to complete it with all those elements that best represent you! Colored wedding dresses lend themselves perfectly to both tone-on-tone accessories and those with bright tones that burst with a wave of panache. And which of these would you choose?

I don't want to list the awards and emotions during my organizations, the only thing I would like to let you experience through my next chapters, what it feels like to become a stylist and seamstress after having studied for this "ancient craft" and after the first experiences.

However, I was 22 years old, determined and fascinated by the art and history of fashion. Over the years I have enjoyed experimenting and learning more about fabrics and I do not hide from you that when you leave a school if it is professional and focused on what you would like to do, in reality you do not know much. And then you arm yourself with courage and begin to enter this unknown world of the wedding dress, patching the precious fabrics and laces. You understand that there is a certain responsibility in making unique garments and you tend to review everything you have memorized with your studies.

Oh yes, unique because they contain every emotion, both for those who create them and for the wearer. Do you know that if a wedding dress spoke, it would tell a thousand stories starting from the emotions of those who create it? I'll explain why: once you have decided, designed and chosen the fabric for the wedding dress to make, a certain emotion mixed with responsibility begins to arise. When I cut the first models my thought was: man I'm cutting a fine fabric! Unique! It has a cost! And then it all started naturally ... My thoughts, moments and emotions are enclosed in each of my dresses. A traditional tailored suit holds secrets and not only of the trade. But do you know how beautiful it is to create volumes and effects from fabrics?

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