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Cavioni Milano Parfum

Perfume is the basic fashion accessory, unforgettable, never seen before, that one that anticipates your arrival and extends your departure. (Coco Chanel)

For years in my heart I wanted to create a perfume with an unforgettable fragrance and fate and my stubbornness in carrying out a project, has done nothing but confirm the choice of jasmine as a part of my destiny ....

I have always surrounded myself with jasmine and every time I smell it, the first sensation I perceive is harmony and peace.

Nothing is left to chance and in my future projects there is a location where, in addition to finding a showroom of special clothes, one finds oneself with oneself and the desire to dedicate some time to personal growth.

All based on an intimate knowledge of oneself through comparison, perfumes, fabrics and their choices ... but above all through a spiritual meditation that makes you feel good.

In this place it acts as a guide the scent of jasmine and the white flower symbol of purity.

Nothing is therefore left to chance, and this is why the choice of the jasmine perfume, as well as representing a graceful femininity, also represents the philosophy that I am pursuing in my project.

If you visit the atelier, this perfume can make you feel already immersed in an hour of peace and femininity ... I'll wait for you


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