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The red wedding dress !!!

A dress that never fails as a request in an atelier with a few years of experience it's the red wedding dress !!!

Symbol of love, prosperity and good luck, the red color has always been used in China and India to celebrate parties and weddings. It also seems that the color of passion is increasingly chosen also among Western women to celebrate the day of the "happy ending".

Mainly used for joint weddings, red is the color of the bride who is not afraid to transgress. Bold and original, the lively shades have now conquered a respectable position among the collections of many designers.

Choosing a dress of this color, however, is not easy. In fact, there is a risk of being excessive and vulgar. If your desire is to wear a brightly colored dress, choose a clean and refined line that goes well with the silhouette.

For those who want to be more daring, you can choose the short wedding dress !!! The short red dress is suitable for lean and slim bodies. If worn with confidence and elegance, the short dress is about as attractive as it can be for a woman.

Magnetic, sensual and original, the short red dress will always make you feel the center of attention. Use shoes with heels to slim the figure and accessories that enhance the color.

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