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Is it the perfect wedding dress? Those emotions and feelings that confirm it

Choosing a wedding dress turns out to be a real mission, starting from inquiring on specialized websites and magazines, up to the fateful tests in the atelier, duly advised and helped in the (truly) difficult decision.

The constant doubt, in all this, remains in the awareness of knowing if it is the perfect wedding dress, the one on which it pours all the romance of the most beautiful day.

But the sensations and emotions that you have in wearing it, well, those are there and they prove to be irrefutable proof of the ideal decision and that this is precisely the desired wedding dress.

The Real Time formats on Kleinfeld have often emphasized this aspect, namely that the emotion, in wearing the perfect wedding dress, raises tears of joy and emotion: it is not the rule and it does not necessarily happen, but if it does, there must be no doubts, only confirmations and positive judgments.

At the same time, if wearing the wedding dress, you admire and admire each other feeling as comfortable as they are splendid, then it is perfect for the bride, a combination of volumes, fabrics, cuts and details that enhance your female body, revealing it. all the beauty.

Again, among the undoubted sensations, there is the desire to always wear it, never wanting to take it off: it is a daydream that you want to show off anywhere, perhaps even at work or at home. It is for this reason that another positive emotion is the impatience with which one waits for the moment to wear it, both for the most beautiful day and for the long-awaited wedding.

Finally, the perfect wedding dress creates an unstoppable desire to tell everyone what it is like, even in the individual details: here, however, respect for the wedding tradition is primary, so it is necessary to keep silence on the exclusive secret. So… shh!

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