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Colorful wedding dress?

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Want to break the mold? So try to dare with a bridal look full of colors!

Often the tradition imposes well-defined rules, such as the strictly white wedding dress, shoes to match the dress and accessories in soft shades. The choice of details is undoubtedly one of the most important in life and as we all know the outfit must follow the style, but above all the personality of the wearer. For this reason, if you have a dynamic and alternative soul and you want to express it even on your wedding day, do it with colors!

For about 30 years there have been colored wedding dresses in my atelier !! Some consider it an unconventional choice, but giving space to colors makes the bride who chooses it even more unique.

The most common shades are beige, blush, pink, but the range of colors goes beyond pastel-colored wedding dresses and over time has become much more variegated.

Don't forget that the bridal look must be in perfect harmony with all the accessories you choose to add, feel free to complete it with all those elements that best represent you!

Colored wedding dresses lend themselves perfectly to both tone-on-tone accessories and those with bright tones that burst with a wave of panache. And which of these would you choose? Cavioni Milano is ready to advise you on the right shades to make your colorful dream come true!

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