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A tailored wedding dress

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

In this chapter I am going to address brides who perhaps have doubts or do not know what it means to make a made-to-measure wedding dress. What are the advantages, or what are the fears that do not make you decide to make a tailored dress?

Let's start with the advantages: The first is that you have your own dress made, which follows your style, your dream and above all that is and will remain unique among many other brides!

The second advantage is that you can choose anything! You can choose the color, the fabric, the lace and above all with a stylistic consultant like we do, you have the opportunity to realize which is the line of the wedding dress that suits you perfectly! The beauty of creating a tailored wedding or evening dress is that there are no limits! Except certain fabrics chosen for certain cuts.

To explain it better, stylistic advice is needed from those dealing with fabrics that have different yields based on weight or stiffness, colors and more. So I would add that in a wedding and evening dress atelier you can find more. expertise in both fabrics and cuts ... Now let's move on to the fears that do not make you decide in the choice of tailor-made: What if it doesn't turn out the way you described it or imagined it? It can be changed during the rehearsals, both in the volumes, in the necklines and additions. But obviously you can't change your mind from a wide dress to a sheath dress for example. What if I don't like it? Often they have basic samples tested to understand how it would look and also some fabrics inherent to the color that can be better for each of us considering that we are with different shades of complexion, hair and eyes.

But is it possible to make it to measure in time? Those with industry experience have never left a bride without her dream dress! I would add that usually a last test is done a week before or 10 days before, except for other complications for which to agree. I want to add at the end, but no less important for this, indeed, that the choice of a tailored suit involves greater knowledge as mentioned above and consequently the confidence in letting your dream dress come true to those who create it especially for you!

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