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Bridal collection 2021

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

2021 bridal collection? To this question I answer as I have always done in 30 years: my collection is filled with passion !!! It has no age, it has no inspirations dictated by the year or the period we are experiencing.

The Cavioni Milano 2021 collection, as always, goes against the tide. Creating tailored wedding dresses with the experience dictated by the years, made me understood that choosing particular fabrics, historical inspirations in fashion, was my true source of creativity. And do you know what beauty is? That creativity, imagination and the right moment to create has no time !!!

I want to try to explain here what it means to create a timeless bridal collection ... There is no reason, there is no fixed time for those who create, for those who associate ideas, colors and fabrics.

It is as if the hand of God through our mind, my mind, put into practice everything that is born! It is a feeling of euphoria where through memories of studies, experiences and photographic memory, something special is born out of the blue and has no time, it is not dictated by a duty or a deadline. In short, the inspiration, the creative moment is ... a moment.

Cavioni Milano, my brand for 30 years has therefore been based on a collection that I call "Temporanea" against the tide with the seasons, but which follows my emotions given by the passion for this work, for fabrics, for their volumes with which ones I like to play and also for brides or those who ask me to make that moment unique as for a wedding or an important evening ...

In a nutshell, Cavioni Milano's bridal and not only collection is timeless because it encompasses the history of fashion revisited through new fabrics and plays of volumes and cuts. I love this sudden inspiration of mine that is in me and I hope I have made you feel something through my post !!

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