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How do you choose a wedding dress?

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Can I start by telling you that there are no rules? The experience of having met and made over 900 dresses for my brides in almost thirty years, leads me to tell you that for most of the dresses, the choice came from the heart ...

Yep, the emotions and imagining oneself with "that dress that only I will have", have often made the bride and mother cry at the moment of the decision. Over the years the styles have evolved especially for fabrics and laces where the imagination has continued to travel and certainly could put the choice more in crisis. Do you actually know what are the characteristics that make you select a certain style? It is enough simply to define the date, and therefore the season; the location, and therefore the style of the wedding dress; the budget, but above all the character of the bride and how she wants to be on her wedding day!

My timeless advice over time has always been to try more lines, simply because a woman doesn't dress up every day as a bride! Imagine yourself, get excited and above all understand if she would be at ease that day ... Well, I can tell you that despite the years that go by, getting excited has never become a habit for me who pack them. I've seen mothers hugging their daughters and crying together! Brides who chose the dress together with their best friends who screamed for joy! Brides who after trying a few dresses at the end said: yes, ok he's my dress !!!! And the friends who followed with applause ...

The beauty is that the emotion continues with the changes that can only be done on a tailor-made suit of your own !!! So how do you choose a wedding dress? With the heart ... and with the feeling that the dream is coming true!

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