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Image consulting? What line of wedding dress do I choose?

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Among a thousand blogs, this time I'm going to tell you how to become a stylistic consultant! I like to make you understand what can be behind a person who could give you advice on how to dress.

Surely you start from a fashion school, where they provide you with the basics to create clothes, history of fashion, fabrics, patterns and tailoring studies of volumes. But beware that it is not for nothing the school that makes you become a stylistic consultant, but the experience in tailoring over the years where you have to deal with fabrics every day, study volumes and weights and understand what the various tricks can be for to bring out in the best way an especially female figure.

In addition, it must be considered that the character aspect is very important! You try to understand or perceive it especially when you meet a future bride, because an important day is at stake and the emotion increases. After 30 years of experience I can tell you that the satisfaction is to understand what the future bride might want. A bride can be romantic, an alternative diva, or she doesn't even have a clue what she might want! The beauty is that we study together a line that can make the bride feel at ease for that day! This is the greatest satisfaction in my work ...

In addition to being based on who you are in front of, the advice mainly takes into consideration the physical aspect and also the budget. So what wedding dress do you choose? What could be an idea of ​​an image more suited to ourselves? What should you look at?

Get to the point: For those of a slightly large size; no horizontal cuts; no patterns or lace; No full skirts with the risk of going to the effect of first communion! For those who are thinner; no dresses with tight-fitting sheaths; no vertical cuts, no poor lines because you risk not highlighting maybe a narrow waist!

However, it should be emphasized that the horizontal necklines widen the shoulders for those who don't have many, while the vertical necklines should never be exaggerated in order not to risk being vulgar. For example, patterns or laces are good for those with little breasts. The lines of the dresses especially for brides, if they are short and if they are mermaid-like, the future bride must have good proportions. There can be many shades of widths and the choice of fabric also comes into play!

Yeah ... the fabric !!! But leave us the secret to recommend the fabric with the right volume! Why every day we like to create unique wedding dresses with these fabrics!

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