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What are the emotions of a bride?

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Which emotions ? And above all how they change over time? Well I can tell you that in my experience brides have no rules.

The first is the character according to which reactions and emotions vary.

The second thing is external variants.

From experience and having accompanied brides until their wedding.

I can suggest you to live this special day without looking at any detail !!!

To be clear, the bride usually leaves 6 or 8 months before choosing the location and then everything that follows a wedding and for some people it also becomes a stress as they are not used or inclined to organize. Emotions follow one another and can range from anger, disappointment, joy and amazement and finally even tears. Usually by building a friendly relationship, they let off steam with me and seek advice. They often change their minds and I have often found myself in the middle of arguments with the bride's mother.

The beauty is that those who have been through it already know that in the before, during and after marriage they will see some good ones and they will begin to make a certain choice even between friends and relatives! Oh yes .... it happens to everyone, as it happens that on that day it can rain! But one thing is certain, we do everything, we look for perfection and we move months and months beforehand. But you can rest assured that the last week will be a race for retreats and other things to define.

My advice for years has been: now that you have done your best, enjoy this special day because it is yours and don't let it ruin it by something or someone, but live it ... because it is unique in all its nuances !!! I assure you that in the future you will agree with me !!!

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