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The secrets and emotions of us stylists and tailors

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

I start immediately by writing and confirming that there are many secrets and that often many of us decide to keep them forever! Do you know which ones? The ways, for example, how fabrics are treated and their textures, you discover during your business trip.

Let's say that for me it is always a journey to discover new fabrics, laces and non-woven fabrics. For example, I also like to experiment with fabrics that are not really intended for making a wedding dress. A special secret is that in the cut of a dress: the moment where concentration is highest considering that the modeling of a dress means everything.

The fit and choice in positioning a pattern is very important. But above all the emotion .... The one where you realize that you are creating a special dress! Oh yes, that's right, and do you know why?

I often happened to fix mom's dresses, from the 50s 60s and even a 1930 dress. The beauty is that often my thoughts turned to the hands that have spent time with the experience to make that dress !!!

Who knows the thoughts, obstacles or choices made during the tests .... all energies turned towards these sartorial creations.

The beauty of all this is that in the end, over time, something will remain of me too for a special moment, where even my thoughts and meditations will remain imprisoned in the fabrics as secrets !!!!

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